Don't miss life's big moments because you're worried about the future.
Be prepared—plan now. The State Bar of Michigan and the Paul Goebel Group can help with access to quality, competitively priced insurance coverage from MetLife.
Help financially prepare for the future today.
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Association Group Term Life
Purchasing life insurance can help ensure short and long term financial obligations can be met if the unforeseen should happen.

One Step Express
  • A quicker application process (with just 5 medical questions) for members age 59 and under
    • Apply for up to $250,000 for those age 49 and under
    • Apply for up to $200,000 for those age 50 - 59
  • Just answer five medical questions and, if no additional medical information is needed, you're done
Standard Issue

For members age 64 and under, availability of up to $2 Million of coverage using our standard application.

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This plan can help preserve your lifestyle if you suddenly can't work by providing a monthly income should a covered disability strike.

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This plan can help keep your business up and running should you become disabled by paying your share of many of your firm's overhead expenses.

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A Message from The State Bar of Michigan and The Paul Goebel Group

We always have your best interests in mind, so that's why we've chosen to work with MetLife—a trusted name in insurance for over 140 years—to make available effective, competitively priced products and services that can help provide financial protection.

Count on us to bring you meaningful offers from a trustworthy organization that takes the guesswork out of planning for your future—and enables you to spend more time doing what matters most to you.

Start Protecting Your Future Today
Talk to a representative at the Paul Goebel Group about these MetLife products:
Association Group Term Life/Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Association Group Disability Income Insurance
Association Group Business Overhead Expense Insurance