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Standard Issue Association Term Life Insurance
A benefit of up to $1.5 million for members age 74 and under.
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Have you done enough to help ensure your family's financial security?

MetLife Term Life insurance provides affordable coverage at a competitive rate. Having enough life insurance protection is important because in the short term, you want to meet your financial obligations if something should happen to you prematurely. And, because in the long run, you would want your family to be able to continue on with their lives as planned.

Plan at a Glance:
  • Members1 up to the age of 74 can apply for a coverage amount as follows:
    • Ages 18-64: up to $1,500,000
    • Ages 65-69: up to $1,125,000
    • Ages 70-74: up to $750,000
  • Your spouse/domestic partner up to the age of 74 can apply for a coverage amount as follows:
    • Ages 18-64: up to $500,000
    • Ages 65-69: up to $375,000
    • Ages 70-74: up to $250,000
  • Each of your dependent children2 are eligible for either a $5,000 or $10,000 coverage amount.
  • Valuable built-in features including:
    • Accelerated Benefits Feature - If you or your spouse are diagnosed with 24 months or less to live, you may receive up to 80% of your benefit, to a maximum of $500,000.3
  • Coverage can continue up to age 75.
  • Coverage reduces at ages 65 and 704
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PLEASE NOTE: The plan is available in all states except AK, HI, ID, ME, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, VT, WY.

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1You must be a member of the to qualify for this insurance plan.

2Refers to your unmarried, dependent children under age 26.

3The Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) is subject to state regulation and generally receives favorable federal income tax treatment. You are advised to consult with an independent tax advisor about your own circumstances. You are advised to consult with a legal advisor concerning the effect that receipt of ABO benefits will have on other benefits such as benefits from public assistance programs.

4Coverage reduces at age 65 to 75% of the face value amount and at age 70 to 50% of the face value amount.