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AlumniTerm Life Insurance
A benefit of up to $500,000 to help protect your loved ones' financial well-being if the unforeseen should happen.
A benefit of up to $500,000 to help protect your loved ones' financial well-being if the unforeseen should happen.
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Have you done enough to help ensure your family's financial security?

AlumniTerm Life Insurance can help protect young alumni, recently married couples and new parents seeking initial coverage at a competitive group rate.

Having enough life insurance protection is important because in the short term, you want to meet your financial obligations if something should happen to you prematurely. And, because in the long run, you would want your family to be able to continue on with their lives, as planned.

Plan at a Glance:
  • Alumni1 under the age of 60 can apply for a benefit amount up to $500,000, in $5,000 increments.2
  • Coverage can continue up to the age of 80.
  • Valuable built-in features including:
    • Will Preparation Services3 - Get help preparing or updating a will, living will or power of attorney.
    • Estate Resolution Services3 - Assistance with probating your and your spouse/domestic partner's estate. With unlimited consultations, either in person with an attorney or by phone, including court representations.
    • Grief Counseling4 - Access professional support in a time of need. Meet in-person or by phone with a licensed counselor to help cope with a loss or major life change.
    • Funeral Planning Assistance4 - Your loved ones and beneficiaries may work with compassionate counselors that assist with customizing funeral arrangements with personalized one-on-one service.
    • Total Control Account®5 - Provides your loved ones with a safe and convenient way to manage life insurance proceeds.
    • Accelerated Benefits Option6 - Receive a percentage of your life insurance in the event that you become terminally ill and are diagnosed with no more than a specified amount of time to live.
    • Automatic Benefit Increases - Opportunity to increase your initial benefit amount.7
    • Waiver of Premium - Premium payments may be waived while you are disabled as long as you continue to meet the definition of disability.
  • For details and conditions about these features, follow the link to the FAQs below.
Rates at a Glance:
Rates shown are the monthly premiums for male/female non-smokers. Rates not applicable to Montana residents. Other payment modes are available, please contact The Alumni Insurance Program at 1-800-922-1245 for a full list of ages, rates and benefit amounts. Rates increase at these 5 year intervals. Coverage can be continued up to age 80.

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Download our FAQs for more details on AlumniTerm Life Insurance. Click Here to compare Life Insurance plans.
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PLEASE NOTE: The plan is available in all states except AK, ID, ME, MT, NH, SD, UT, VT.
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